Which often stand in the use of concrete mixing problems encountered Because of low pressure is not high, is an extraordinary transfer spring will show cracking and diaphragm break, then it must be promptly organized exchange. Follow the upward pressure of slow, usually filter jams are to be held frequently to decline. Followed by the cylinder fallacy because the cylinder also has to go outside the cylinder dew appearance, weekdays concrete mixing stations are due to migraine pain rod equipment, lack of lubrication provided under Jingyu, seals and seal ring wear or destruction, the cylinder and piston rod 6*4 dasion concrete mixer truck for sale impurities injuries and the like. It should be timely adjust the orientation of the rod in the middle, to often view lubricator reliability, but also timely held clear. That there is a stable soil mixing station to the valve flaws, because the pilot solenoid valve inlet and vent particularly simple blocked, it will lead to seal lax, activities spool will be formed death card fault circuit . In this case, we want to clear and timely. Concrete mixing station Notes Concrete mixing station consists of mixing console, material weighing system, material handling systems, material storage system and control system and other five major systems and other ancillary facilities composition, buy concrete mixing station should pay attention to? Step / methods Performance numeral 1. The construction of concrete; thus to choose what kind of mixing console. Such as water projects must be chosen forced mixing console. In addition, the type of material should be optional mix concrete batching stations and storage silo needed. 2. Construction of concrete amount and duration of 2-6m3 china made concrete mixer trucks the task; with this two parameters to choose how much Specification The mixing station. It should also be considered in the selection of the transport situation in the finished concrete. Such as: direct pumping or transport vehicle. Volume delivery vehicle is an important basis for decision mixing station models. 3. The construction environment and construction objects; it should fully consider the impact of construction objects and construction environment, thus ensuring the smooth construction and construction quality. 4. Operating personnel quality; in general, small mixing plant structure is relatively simple, the control system is also relatively simple. Original order for the operation and maintenance personnel requirements are lower. While the larger station complex structure, high degree of automation, so the operators requirements are also higher. In addition to the front so you consider several factors when buying mixing station outside factors should be considered under this section. 5. Select formulated; In general, manufacturers have mature product formulation, such as size, quantity, variety and so on. You can make your special requirements at the time of product order. We will do our 4×4 self-loading concrete mixer trucks best to meet your requirements. However, when purchasing products should not Tandaqiuquan, this will cause the economy does not do waste. Also in the purchase of goods other than reference price of different manufacturers, should also pay particular attention to the preparation of a list of different manufacturers.